There‚Äôs much to know about diamonds – no two stones are exactly alike. It’s easy to understand why the most important part of buying diamonds is trust in the jeweler with whom you’re doing business. Of course, we also offer the public G.I.A., E.G.L., and non – certified diamonds.

Jack of Diamonds, International, established in 1963 and conveniently located in the heart of New York City Diamond District has earned an excellent reputation for integrity, service and reliability. Common sense, business acumen and customer referrals are an important part of our legacy.

Membership in the New York Diamond Club and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses are part of our distinguishing credentials. Knowledge of gemology, the diamond industry and the specialized nature of diamonds requires extensive study. Our staff members are experts who hold graduate G.I.A. gemologist and M.B.A. degrees in management. We are a well established, solid firm and treat all customers with the respect and fairness they deserve. We hope you will call Jack of Diamonds, International “my jeweler.” Call us for information regarding any size, shape, or quality of diamond. We will gladly explain our methods of doing business.

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